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Our super buoyant pop-up boilies are made from the finest ingredients and contain no glass microspheres, only regular flours and milks


They are perfect for use as single hookbaits, or for the buoyant part of a snowman rig  presentation.

Attach in the traditional way, tie on or use in conjunction with a bait screw. 

Critically balanced rigs can be finely tuned by simply trimming part of the pop up off with a sharp knife without any worry of the bait taking on water. 


During testing our 18mm pop-up held up a size 2 hook for more than 10 days


All of our pop-up boilies are supplied with a pot shot of concentrated flavor, simply pour the pot shot contents into the pop-up jar and shake well. 


Be careful not to add too much extra liquid to pop-ups as this may affect their buoyancy.


All of our pop-ups have added sweetener, citric acid and DMPT


Sweetener: Increases palatability of the baits, and the citric acid adds a well established attractor to the baits.


DMPT: Is an algae metabolite, and in several laboratory and field tests, is considered to be the best feed stimulant ever tested for both fresh water and salt water aquatic animals.


Currently available in a choice of 2 colors and 7 flavors 

(Custom flavors on request)


Approximately 35 baits in every jar



Pop-up Boilies - 18mm

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