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Paylake Fishing

Paylake Baits

Traditional American carp paylakes  have been around for decades.

​Originating in North Carolina, spreading quickly to other states including  South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana & West Virginia.  

Traditionally paylakers have always made their own baits and pick-ups using an infinite selection of households products available from grocery stores. and feed stores.

Our range of Pre-made packbaits and Pre-made pick-ups have been formulated by our extremely successful Pro-Staff in the Carolinas, utilizing well over 100  years of combined bait making experience, using the best ingredients available and our range of Liquid Food Attractors and Classic & Legend flavors.


​A full range of BaitPro Pre-made packbaits and flavored pick-ups are available in our store.

​Check out all of our carp products:

  • Original Legend Carp Flavors

  • Original Classic Series Carp Flavors

  • Liquid Food Attractors

  • PowerSmokes

  • PowerDips

  • Elite Series Bait Booster Sprays....

    Buy Paylake Baits & Pick-ups  HERE

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