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BaitHaze UV Dipping Dust

BaitHaze UV Dipping Dust:


Similar to competitors products with perhaps one or two exceptions.


  • Our product does not wash off when it hits the water
  • Our range incorporates high level of scent


Made with highest quality ingredients, including ground trout pellets, the feed most stocked trout were reared on.


Simply wet your chosen bait, and dip it in the BaitHaze, our BaitHaze will stick to your bait due to the gelling compound we have included. This added gelling agent with ensure your bait is active for up to 20 minutes.


Cast out and let BaitHaze do its thing.


As soon as the BaitHaze begins to hydrate, you will see particles of pellet, bits of other ingredients and a strong UV color start coming off the bait, creating a large cloud of attraction around your hook baits or lure.


Can be used on almost anything that you can wet, including but not limited to:


Trout Dough





Plastic Lures

Senko Worms


Red Wigglers


Available in 2 strong scents

BaitHaze UV Dipping Dust

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