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Gaper Hooks - Pre-tied

The original CP Gaper Hook* is back in stock


Manufactured from high carbon Japanese steel, and chemically sharpened 


These extremely strong forged hooks will not let you down


With a 10° Turned down eye to aid the mechanics of the hook actually penetrating the carps mouth.  Maximum holding power during the fight


Available in 3 different colors of line to suit any occassion, and 2 different sizes


Moss Green




Currently available in sizes 2 & 4 

8 Pre-tied hooks in every pack


*Beware of others claiming they are selling the original CP Gaper hook.   Cheap Chinese copies are not the original CP Gaper Hooks, and will let you down when you need them the most.

BaitPro GAPER Carp Hooks - Pre-tied

Out of Stock
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