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Bleeding Catfish Nuggets:


Unique bleeding Catfish nugget bait


Simply slide onto your hook and cast out.


Nuggets are firm enough to be cast over 100 yards and still be on the hook, yet soft enough to enable hook ups.


As the water works with the nugget a stream of visable color and scent bleed from the baits.   Due to the manufacturing process, as long as the bait is in the water it will continue to bleed (In tests up to 13 hours)


In running water/strong tides, a visable trail of color and scent allows for fish downstream to detect the bait.


Extremely clean alternative to traditional dip and stink baits


Available in 4 unique flavors, and 3 bleeding colors


Supplied in a large plastic jar to prevent baits being squashed or damaged

Bleeding Catfish Nuggets

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