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BaitPro Boilies After a few years of field testing by our Pro-staff in several extremely competitive US carp tournaments, and many testers out pleasure fishing, we are pleased to release the first boilies in BaitPro's range.

Made in the USA with the finest food grade ingredients, our boilies are highly digestable, full of all of the attractors, nutrients, unique flavors, amino acids and proteins a carp actively seeks out to feed on.

We have a full European boilie rolling line in our factory, capable of producing well over 2500lbs of bait every day if required. We steam or boil our baits to suit requirements.

We start with a basemix full of proteins, flours and binders, we add liquid foods, attractors, and flavors, culminating in a highly attractive carp bait.

We then add X-Cite, our proprietory blend of proven carp attracting amino acids, ensuring you have the very best baits available in North America


We buy most of our ingredients in bulk, alllowing us to pass on the savings to you, with a fair priced quality boilie.


Contact Us for Custom flavors - Starting at $11.00 per kg (2.2lb)




Our shelf-life boilies are manufactured on a milk, fishmeal or nut base, we add a small amount of 3 different food grade preservatives, meaning that you can store the baits without the need for freezing. Liquid foods and flavors are then added, then finally eggs to complete the boilie.


Range includes - 10mm, 20mm 26mm and dumbells, in several of our most popular selling flavors




We also manufacture preservative free boilies that are air dried until the moisture content is correct, then frozen to ensure freshness.


We recommend 2-3 day shipping with all freezer baits.


Freezer bait range includes - 10mm, 20mm 26mm and dumbells, in several of our most popular selling flavors



Finally in the boilie range, we offer soluble boilies, similar in appearance to our other boilies, but without any added egg in them, we use a blend of liquids and hydrolysates to manufacture our soluble boilies.

Manufactured using a base mix filled with soluble ingredients. Baits begin to break down approximately 25 minutes after entering the water, completely breaking down in 3 to 6 hours, (Wholly dependent on the water temperature)


During this breakdown process the baits emit soluble food signals throughout the water column leaving a pile of cloudy, nutritious attraction once fully broke down, often helping to create a feeding frenzy to feeding fish.


Soluble Boilie range includes - 20mm & 26mm and dumbells, in several of our most popular selling flavors




Our Boilie Pellets are manufactured in the same way as our boilies, air dried until completely dry.

When introduced into the water, they will break down, emitting food signals and leaving a flavor filled area that carp will not be able to resist.


Great for use in PVA bags or sticks


Available in 12mm (Approx 1/2" diameter) and 8mm (Approx 5/16" diameter) and in flavors to match our boilie range


PLEASE NOTE: Some boilie products are not stocked, and will need to be made on receipt of order. This will add 2-3 days to your delivery time


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