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Like a lot of liquid attractants, PowerSmoke has a strong scent that stimulates the fish’s feeding response.


But it is visually that sets it apart to a carp. While it looks like just a green flash to the human eye, under the water the fish see a distinctive smoky cloud. A cloud that the carp associates with other feeding fish. Combine the two aspects and this is what makes it so effective as a fish attractor


BaitPro partnered with a well known competitive South African fisherman who has been making and using smoke baits competitively for almost 30 years, and we feel together we have produced a winner here!


Together we formulated not only a green UV version but also a UV pink version, an orange version.


Simply squeeze a little PowerSmoke on to the outside of your packbait ball, or hook bait, cast out and let the smoke attract the carp in!


All of our flavors, smokes and dips include our X-Cite amino acid based fish attractor to further enhance our baits


Carp PowerSmokes

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