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Carp Spirit Chod Rigs x2:


  • The Carp Spirit Chod rig X2  is ready to use and is recommended for fishing with floating baits or balanced baits in bodies of water with muddy or grassy bottoms.
  • The rig gives  perfect presentation of the bait in these conditions.
  • Mounted in a D-Rig version.
  • Mount on lead core or a regular monofilament line, between 2 beads.
  • It is advisable to seal the base of the swivel with a little lead putty to perfect the presentation.
  • Assembly carried out with the Hook Spirit 3 hook on Fluorocarbon Phen-X.
  • This allows for a  discreet presentation to suspicious fish thanks to its almost invisibility.
  • Delivered in blister pack with 2 pieces 

Available in size 2 & 4 

Carp Spirit Chod Rigs x2

$4.10 Regular Price
$2.46Sale Price
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