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Enterprise Tackle Baits

Enterprise tackle is the original manufacturer of imitation fishing baits.


Popup Tiger Nuts -  A buoyant artificial Tiger nut with added Tiger nut flavour.


  • Pop them up on their own
  •  Or use them with real Tiger Nuts
  •  Critically balance them
  •  Easily trimmed with scissors
  •  Also suitable as a surface bait!
  •  Responsible for carp over 30lb!
  •  Contains 5 nuts in 2 different shapes/sizes


Imitation Bread:


  • Extremely buoyant and soft, yet tough enough to stay firmly on a hook
  •  Also resists the unwanted attention of nuisance species
  •  Can be cut or torn into smaller chunks to suit hook size
  •  Features a sponge like interior
  •  Will easily absorb liquids and flavourings
  •  Can be recast repeatedly
  •  Can also be use as a anchored bottom bait or zig rig bait
  •  Four pieces per pack


Pop up Peanuts:


A buoyant imitation peanut that can be used directly on a hook, or hair rig

Use in conjunction with real peanuts to produce a popped up or critically balanced bait, or just try a single imitation peanut fished on a hair rig.


Imitation Snails: 


  • Enhanced with fish proteins for added attraction
  •  Foam insert recesses provides extra buoyancy
  •  And further baiting capability

Enterprise Tackle Imitation Snails, soft buoyant plastic snail shells impregnated with fish proteins for added attraction.

Enterprise Imitation Snails contain a recess to accept black zig rig foam inserts that are included in each pack, adding extra buoyancy.

To create a balanced bottom bait, a small shot can be pinched onto the hair loop and pulled into the recess, which can then be plugged with paste to further boost attraction.

Alternatively the recess could be plugged with a pellet or trimmed down boilie, to match the anglers loose feed. They have proved very successful  carp up to over 40lb, with the snails catching on occasions when other traditional baits have failed to catch.

Using the snails to tip a boilie proving to be very effective. Our new imitation snails make the ideal alternative natural hook bait.

Use on a Zig Rig or fill with paste to create a balanced bottom bait.

Enterprise Baits

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$2.99Sale Price
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