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This hook has been designed for use with stiff, mono or IQ hooklinks, the up-turned eye significantly reduces pressure on the hooklink as it leaves the eye of the hook.


This prevents loss of breaking strain and also allows the hook shank to follow the angle of the hooklink, a critical aspect of the Chod Rig and other stiff rigs.


  • Heavy gauge carbon steel Micro barb Ultra sharp curved point
  • Silky smooth low-vis Teflon Flat forged 25 degree upturned eye

Korda carp hooks are manufactured to the highest quality by the world's leading hook maker.

Each pattern is carefully designed and all hooks are batch tested for sharpness, strength and temper to ensure the best possible quality.


10 Pack

Korda - Choddy Hooks

$6.99 Regular Price
$4.50Sale Price
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