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Korda Safe Zone Tail Rubbers:

Korda Tail Rubbers are a soft tapered component that neatly fits on to any Korda lead clip to keep the lead secure during casting, but is soft enough to allow the lead to eject, should the fish become snagged. Korda Tail Rubbers also fit to the top of any Korda inline lead, making a seamless join between the rig tube and the lead to prevent tangles.

The Korda Rubbers have been designed in four different safe zone colors to suit the lake bed in which you are fishing over.

The Tail Rubbers are designed to be neat and provide an effective tangle free set-up when fishing either a lead clip, inline or helicopter presentation.


Available in the following colors: Weed Green Clay Brown Silt Brown Gravel Brown

10 Pack

Korda Safe Zone Tail Rubbers

$4.95 Regular Price
$3.47Sale Price
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