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Liquid Food Attractors:


Our range of unique liquid food attractors are specifically blended using years of experience with the product.


An incredibly attractive amino-based liquid fish feeding additive jam packed with natural attractors and developed to trigger fish into a feeding frenzy! 


This exclusive range of Liquid foods contain a complex blend of Natural and Nature identical flavorings in conjunction with active fermenting sugars to stimulate a rapid feeding response.


They will not melt PVA bags or mesh but are water soluble and will therefore send out highly attractive food signals into the surrounding water.


Mix all of your packbaits, method mixes and boilies with our attractors to ensure maximum chance of attracting carp into your area. You cannot get enough of any of these products into your baits.


A FULL 16oz in every bottle


Currently available in the following 6 options


#1 Attractor - The base for all of our Liquid Foods, full of the Amino Acids scientifically proven to attract the carp family. These Amino Acids are responsible for triggering carp into feeding.


#2 Attractor Contains added fish flavors and oils. This attractor was originally designed by us to be used in Chow packbaits in the winter and early spring. We added black color to it to enhance the color of your chow. A great fall and winter attractor.


#3 Attractor - When the carp really get on the feed in spring and summer, this is our go to attractor, a blend of fruit flavors added to our base attractor makes this product a winner when the temperatures begin to rise. A unique blend of fruits make this attractor extra appealing.


Red Venom Attractor - Red venom contains a proprietary blend of spices, chilli peppers and deep red colorant. It contains a high level of Capsicum. It is a proven winner, and is a fantastic addition to your packbaits and method mixes year round.


Black Venom Attractor - Black Venom contains our blend of fish & seafood flavor and several spices.

It contains a product that is found in the finest koi carp feed from Japan. (This is where most scientific carp nutrition and feed trigger studies have been carried out over the last 45 years) 


Black Venom is a flavor that we have successfully used for the last 20 years here in the US, and also in Europe for 20 years before that.......There is nothing to equal it in the US!



Strawberry Venom Attractor


- Strawberry Venom is our newest offering. 

A blend of our best selling Southern Strawberry flavor and a secret 2nd ingredient.
A great warm weather additive to your packbaits, method mixes and boilies

Liquid Food Attractors

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