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Off- Shore Sauce:  Designed with the help of several off-shore anglers here on the West Coast, where competition means that having that extra edge is always a help.

Manufactured using the best ingredients available, including raw natural products.


SEA SMELT - A very unique smell, kind of like the smell of 'walking on the beach at low tide'.


CARNAGE - An extremely pungent scent, a hint of rotting fish! This product actually contains a natural chemical found in rotting fish flesh, which has been responsible for catching 'fish eating' fish for decades.


GHOST SHRIMP - We used actual Ghost Shrimp when blending this scent

LAMPREY EEL -  A favorite Sturgeon bait on the West Coast, responsible for 1000's of fish during the year. 

SAND EEL - A mainstay in the off-shore fishing community, distinct scent is reminiscent of a bucket of seafood just turning bad.  Contains the same natural ingredient found in rotting fish flesh.  Drives off-shore fish wild!


Off-shore sauce

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