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Another unique BaitPro product, Scentrails are an extremely viscous scent that can be applied to a huge variety of baits, including but not limited to:



Soft Plastics


Hard Plastics

Plastic Worms

Trout Jigs

Tube Jigs

Dead Baits


Works for every species of fish, including both freshwater and ocean fish.

During testing our testers caught Bass, Trout, Catfish, Crappie, Bluegill, Sturgeon and Carp in freshwater, and over a dozen ocean dwelling fish.


Simply squeeze Scentrail on your desired bait and cast in.

Immediately a trail of color and scent is released from your bait.


In testing we had bass actually follow along the trail several yards behind the actual bait, obviously attracted by the scent emitting from the bait.


Can also be used as a bait soak for cut baits, shrimps etc - Simply pour into plastic bag add your bait and massage into the bait, leave in refrigerator overnight for best penetration.


Baits will bleed for several hours.


Available in a handy 2oz pointed nozzle container to enable you to direct the Scentrail exactly where you want to apply it.




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