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Solar - Weed Effect Hooklinks:

The main part of the hooklink is constructed using a 25lb sinking braid that is abrasion resistant. This has been spliced to the "Weed Effect" Weedlink material and shrink tubed at either end of the material to secure it.

A size 6 Solar Longshank hook has been fitted as standard, along with a hair tied to a rig ring that slides on to the loop at the end of the hooklink.

This setup allows for the hook to be changed quickly and easily without having to purchase lots of different rigs with differing sized hooks making these very cost effective.


To change the hook it is a simple task of sliding the silicone tube off the eye of the hook, unlooping the hookilink from under the point of the hook and sliding the ring & hair off.

Pull the loop off the hook and reverse the procedure with the new hook (put loop through eye, place ring on loop, put loop over the point and slide silicone over the eye to secure).

The rigs have been constructed at a length of approximately 10 inches  and are the perfect length for most situations.

The size 8 swivel that the rigs are tied to will fit the majority of popular lead clips on the market.


Available in Green or Brown 

Solar - Weed Effect Hooklinks

$3.78 Regular Price
$1.99Sale Price
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