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Bleeding Sturgeon Sauce

Yet another unique BaitPro product!


Specifically manufactured after numerous requests from competitive sturgeon fishermen in the California Delta, we put together an extremely sticky Bleeding Sturgeon Sauce for applying to Sturgeon baits.


During testing of this product, fishermen using this product out-fished fisherman using plain baits by over 15:1


Scentrails are an extremely viscous and sticky scent, with long lasting colors.


Squeeze Scentrails onto your hook bait after tying on and cast out, the powerful scent will begin to leak immediately, creating a cloud of scent and color around and downstream of your hook baits.


Our staffer's have also had great success using Scentrails as a 'marinade' or soak for their sturgeon hook baits


Simply squeeze Scentrails into a plastic baggie and drop in your shrimps, herring, eel, salmon roe or worms. Rub the Scentrail into the bait and place in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

The baits will marinate in the Scentrails until you decide to use them.


After casting out your bait will leak and leach out our powerful scent for several hours, leaving a trail of scent and color around and downstream of your hook bait.



Currently available in 7 powerful scents


BLOOD & GUTS - Easily our smelliest and some say offensively smelly scents, a blend of some of the smelliest fish scents around. This scent has proved to be a killer over this past winter.


SURF SMELT - A very unique smell, kind of like the smell of 'walking on the beach at low tide'.


CARNAGE - An extremely pungent scent, a hint of rotting fish! This product actually contains a natural chemical found in rotting fish flesh, which has been responsible for catching 'fish eating' fish for decades.


STINKY FISH - Just as described, a stinky fish scent.


FISH EGG - Great for adding to your real egg sacks


CRAWDAD - Every big fish loves a crawdad


GHOST SHRIMP - We used actual Ghost Shrimp when blending this scent

LAMPREY EEL -  A favorite Sturgeon bait on the West Coast, responsible for 1000's of fish during the year. 


Supplied with a twist top conical cap for easy directional application




Sturgeon Sauce

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