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Taska - 45lb Leadcore Leader:

This super thin leadcore leader material has been specifically designed to achieve the ultimate concealment.

The extra soft alloy lead used in its core gives it an ultra-supple appearance.

The special fibers used ensure that strength is achieved whilst keeping diameter to an absolute minimum.

Fraying of the tag end is also kept to a minimum with Taska finishing process making it ideal for splicing and knotting.

  • Can be spliced very easily 
  • Very High knot strength 
  • Braided from PTFE Fibres 
  • High abrasion resistant 
  • Ultra Heavy & Fast sinking  
  • 45lb Breaking Strain 
  • Supplied on a 10m Spool

Taska - 45lb Leadcore Leader

$12.35 Regular Price
$8.99Sale Price
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