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UV Trout Sprays:


Uniquely manufactured Trout booster sprays


Simply spray on your trout jig, dough bait or tube jigs


Cast out and our unique UV sprays begin to do their work. Actually travelling down with the jig or bait and not floating off on to the surface, they begin working as soon as you begin working your bait.


A trail of UV color and strong scent is left trailing from your bait, attracting fish toward the actual bait.


As with all of our fishing baits and liquids these sprays include X-Cite, our totally unique proprietory amino acid based fish attractor.


This attractor is formulated to encourage fish to hold on when they bite, emitting the same amino acids signals that live baits and dead baits leach off when bitten.


By simulating this amino acid signal the fish is fooled into thinking that the bait isn't plastic but actually a live bait or dead bait.


This gives you the angler that tiny bit of extra time to make your strike.


Our Trout Pro-staff are never without these sprays


Available in 3 UV colored Scents

UV Trout Sprays

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